Why I Hate Tim Tebow


I LOVE Tim Tebow. This article is the same argument that’s been said over and over again. I still believe that being being able to “throw a ball” can be taught. If you find the right coach who’s patient and willing to teach him that, there should be no problem. Don’t have time to teach a quarterback to throw? That’s why there are so many people on a coaching staff – each coach is being paid to work! I wish youthe best, Tim Tebow!

Originally posted on CBS Tampa:

There I said it. I hate Tim Tebow! I wasn’t really sure why, but I could feel it. People ask me, “Why do you hate Tim Tebow so much? I listen to you and Dinger in the morning and can hear it in your voice!” It’s crazy. There’s a side of me that sees all that’s good with him, and I also see the other side. The side I come down on. As soon as I heard the guy say it on TV today, I knew he was spot on: “Tim Tebow has everything you want in a quarterback, except the ability to throw.” Let’s deal with this statement and both its parts. My contempt for the man lies squarely in his inability to throw, a prerequisite for any modern day signal caller. But first things first…

Tim Tebow is everything you want in a quarterback. I totally get it…

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